movie madness!

We have more electronics running in this apartment than anyone I know, save maybe Andrew McAfee. His impressive power bill nurtures hungry reptilian lifeforms, whereas our circuits are dedicated for pure pleasure. What with the shortwave & drum machine & game systems alone, we're running the nominal wattage of a small city in India. You could care less. The point is this: last week I achieved my crowning technological feat to-date, when I wiped my old PC and turned it into an HTTP server, running Apache 2.0. This means just under 40 gigabytes of dedicated webspace in my bedroom. You should bookmark our portal, which for now links only to here and Myspace.

In celebration of this achievement, I give you my favorite music video. Because I can. Directed by Michel Gondry, "Around the World" is an essay on the universality of beat and movement, or in plainer terms, a global call for the common man to "shut up and dance, you skinny bitch."

Daft Punk - Around the World

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5:14 PM

god bless flawless choreography...also, i'm quite impressed with your 40GB of space. Really, I mean it. How can I use it? Other than looking at it.    

5:30 PM

maaary. my cellphone just died, what the FUCK. okay. right now it's an HTTP server, so any files i want (on this computer) can be made available to the internet at large. i'm working on making it also an FTP server (FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL!). Once that happens, you, and jacob, and whomever else, can upload files to the server that will then be made available to the internet at large. so you can host photographs or mp3s or videos on your blog, or do anything that requires a significant amount of webspace. because i now have a significant amount of webspace.


6:08 PM

Hey, hey. I got somethings to say.

First, I think i love that other daft punk one you sent the harder better, faster stronger. It's been playing pretty constantly.

Two, if i were a girl or a gay guy i would totally have sex with you just to have access to the music on your computer while you sleep. This blog is a tease! You are a tease mr. kailath! Come to think it you'd get a taxi and it'd all be for naught. You know, except for the sex.

Three, so does this mean that in the future server might have a folder which is your entire music collection? If so, how will that affect the blog.

Lastly, I'm gonna need some godfather of soul soon. I'm dying for since i heard it at your place. I've heard it before here and there but it's not music that is widely played anymore. OOOWWW.

Forgot, one more. I remember that video when i was smaller, it freaked me the fuck out, like this kids show that was on at 6am on WHRO that had CGI rainbow colors and weird geometric shapes floating around and creatures that can only be described as a cross between teletubbies and Grimace, that big purple guy from the McDonald's commercials.

6:15 PM

wes man, you never cease to amaze me. uhm, let's see.

- I am a tease.
- I already have all my music on the server, but i ain't giving out the pwd to that folder. cause if everybody could access all my music, my bandwidth would shrink like a dick in water, and i'd probably get sued for music piracy.
- I will bring the james brown styles very soon


10:50 AM

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