Dolly Parton

Everyone loves making fun of Dolly Parton. Ask most people my age what they know about Dolly and they'll say "um, she has big boobs." Truth be told, Dolly can write, sing and act circles around most of us put together. In addition to penning over forty top-ten singles, she's been nominated for a Grammy every year since 1969, winning seven. She was writing all of her own music and singing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville at the age of thirteen.

Not only is Dolly a fabulous songwriter, but a shrewd businesswoman as well. At the outset of her stardom, she began to invest her earnings into her hometown of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, the current home of Dollywood, a bigger tourist draw than Graceland.

And have you heard her songs? "Don't Drop Out" is a classic girl-group tale about the benefits of staying in school. It sounds haunting, like a Phil Spector-produced girl-group from the early 1960s. Conversely, "Baby I'm Burning" is sheer countrypolitan disco magic (thanks to Matt at fluxblog).

This is not a joke. It's time we all gave Dolly a little fucking respect. Here is a quote to that end, from the Ladies' Home Journal, 1995:
"I'll be this way when I'm eighty, like Mae West. I may be on crutches, in a wheelchair or propped up on some old slantboard, but I'll have my high heels, my nails and makeup on, my hair'll be all poufed up and my boob'll still be hangin' out."

Dolly Parton - Don't Drop Out
Dolly Parton - Baby I'm Burning

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5:28 PM

Oh, how I love Dolly. Thank goodness somebody else is finally sticking up for her. Should've known I could count on you.

I recommend "Jolene" as one of my favorite Dolly songs.    

10:14 PM

yes, "jolene" is an amazing song. makes me sad. also, every red-haired woman with eyes of emeral green makes me thing of her.    

11:44 PM

jesus christ she was smaller than i ever would have imagined.    

12:55 AM

aight aight ima dload this jolene shit, thanks bitches. i mean, ladies.    

5:11 PM

gotta read Cash, you just gotta.    

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