a piece that speaks of sex & desperation

I pushed my flight back to Friday, and unsafe sex was the cause of it all. Reader, I need your help. I'm designing a CD for Exotic Fever Records, and need original artwork for the liner notes. The CD, entitled "This is a Care Package," is a benefit compilation for HIPS, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping sex workers in Washington, DC lead safer, healthier lives. It was supposed to be done last October.

I don't know the details of the delay, but the CD went off to mastering last week, and I just got the bands' original art in the mail. See, each band on the album gets their own page in the liner notes. Most of them submitted their own art, but three bands asked me to do it for them. I consider this a very important project, and now that the wheels are turning, I want to finish the design as quickly as I can.

I'm going to do Mates of State's art myself, because they're my hometown heroes. But I don't have time to do the other two, as well as layout, design, and the cover. I still need art for Murder by Death and Mirah. So I'm coming to you.

If you would like your name and art to be on a pretty sweet CD, representing a good cause and some kick-ass bands, get it to me by this Thursday (Sept. 1st) morning. Mail it to 818B Caroline Street, Fredericksburg VA, 22401. IM it to proposition86. E-mail it to ryanoceros@gmail.com. Whatever. The only requirements are these: if you are emailing me a file, it needs to be at least 5x5 inches at 300dpi, CMYK color, in .pdf, .psd, or .tif (Mac LZW Compression) format. The image needs to be uncluttered enough to leave room for a few sentences describing the band, song, and other information in the liner notes.

I can't bust our collective nut too soon by giving you any tracks from the comp, but rest assured it will rock yr condom off. Here's a sexually (in)appropriate Mirah song, and an old Yeah Yeah Yeah's track that has nothing to do with this comp, but says "art" in the title. Save a ho from extinction. Send me your stuff.

Mirah - La Familia
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Art Star

(right-click and press "save target as" to download)
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11:07 AM

I'm so glad you've finally got your blog off the ground. This is one big leap for mankind. By the way, I saw Oura this weekend and told him that you might be contacting him; you should hit him up. He seemed kinda interested.    

11:11 AM

thanks tess, i totally will. p.s. do YOU know how to make the commenters name show up on the comment? it's the one thing i can't troubleshoot for the life of me.    

12:11 PM

holy shit youre doing mates of state? that is so very very awesome!! im not so great at art but i will be fowarding your request to the girl who did that awesome pic for faraday to see what she might be up to...

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